Archeological zone Vlake

North of the parish church in Katuni is a rocky plateau “Vlake”. Its central part preserves the crossing of two Roman roads. The traces of these roads take place in the position of “Vlake” and it is about of so called “spurila’s” or ruts spaced about 1.4 meters, best preserved.On the southern part of the plateau, at its edge towards the village of Katun-Polje, the prehistoric “Kulina” fortress with its preserved ramparts (today the embankment) which are most striking on the eastern and northern sides. The western boundary of this protection runs along the road that leads from the Mandušići village to Gornji Rubić and, given its characteristics, probably established during the Middle or early New Age. The whole area represents one of the most preserved archaeological units of this type in Dalmatia. Location: Katuni Classification: archeological heritage Time of origin: from the 10th century BC until 15th century Cultural good mark: P-4124 Type: immobile cultural good – cultural – historical whole Legal status: preventively protected cultural good