Drywall construction

The drywall construction or the special “dry” construction technique is the oldest stone building technique known since prehistoric times to the present time. It was most often used after the clearing of the land for fencing, out of stone, a liberated piece of fertile land, which in Dalmatian and Mediterranean climate means life as well as the anti-erosion barrier. Walls were mostly built by using this technique, and also fencing of the plough, fields, pastures, roads, wells, and residential units and churches, and in Istria there are well known as Istrian kažun, komarda or huts (Polish shelters).Today, drywalls are images and permanent monuments of peasant life and constant struggle of man to survive on karst rocky sections. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most valuable stone masons and masons in general come from these areas, because this natural symbiosis of man and stone has become a mirror image and one of the most recognizable symbols of Dalmatia