Ecological orchard Terra Marascae

As part of the “terra marascae” project, the largest ecological orchard of the autochthonous marasca cherry in Europe was raised. The plantation in Katuni, created in extreme conditions has the highest point at 400 m and is mostly facing the south. Marasca, whose breeding in Dalmatia has a tradition of more than 500 years, has been recognized as “food and medicine” for its antioxidant activity since ancient times and is rightly called the “queen of cherry”. From the beginning, values above 30 ° Brix are recorded, which is almost unique in the world.

The vision is to enhance ecological breeding and the gifts that nature provides and create high value products. On the surface of a total of more than 100 hectares, cherry, almonds and medicinal herbs are also planted, such as immortelle and lavender. Tourists and all other interested parties are offered a tour of our field and various events can be organized.

Visitors can see the remains of an old Roman road that led from Salona (Solin) through Nove (Runovići) to Narona (Metković), as well as ancient excavations and caves that testify to the existence of earlier civilizations. The miles of long paths through our orchard invite you to walk, trek, ride a mountain-bike or simply enjoy the flora and fauna of this area. Of course, as it always happens in Dalmatia, in an authentic ambience, for the guests an appropriate tasting is being organized.

Terra Marascae d.o.o. (Denis Rubić)
Katuni Brdo – Rubići bb, 21250 Šestanovac
[email protected]

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