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By Car/Bus

Šestanovac is less then 2 hours away from Split airport.

By Plane

The closest airport is Split airport where You can take rent a car, taxi or bus to get to Šestanovac

By Car

Highway or public roads

On the territory of the Republic of Croatia only a person holding a valid driving licence issued in the Republic of Croatia, a foreign driving licence, an international driving licence or a certificate of filed request for the issuance of the driving licence (a certificate of a filed request for the issuance of the driving licence is valid for operating motor vehicles in road traffic 30 days from the date the request was filed) for the category which is being operated may operate a motor vehicle in road traffic. When operating a motor vehicle, the driver must have with him/her the driving licence or the certificate of filed request for the issuance of the driving licence and show it at the request of a police officer. In addition, the driver that operates a motor vehicle in road traffic must have with him/her the vehicle registration certificate, and show it at the request of a police officer. The vehicle registration certificate must not be left in the vehicle without the driver’s supervision.

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Around Sestanovac

Popular routes and stops

Split - Omiš - Šestanovac - Dubrovnik

Croatia is perfectly safe and has decent transporation options. The elongated form of the country makes the trip along the coast a bit more lenghty though.
If you are planning a trip to Šestanovac you will probalbly visit at least one of our big cities or locations.
First we have Split, which is closest to Šestanovac (50 km). Split is a major transportation hub in Croatia and popular cruise ship port. It is also an ideal departure place to take a ferry and explore the islands along the Dalmatian coast. Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build himslef a "modest" retirement home, he chose Split. Diocletian's Palace is well preserved and worth to see. Major sight not to be missed in Split is the Perystile, the central square of the palace. Split is worth at least 1-2 days, maybe even 3 because Trogir city is half an hour from Split and it is very interesting small town to see. Luckily, Šestanovac is quite near and tourists can come to Split, Trogir, go to islands and then come back in their peacefull houses or apartments in Šestanovac.
Second location is Dubrovnik and it has grown hugely in popularity in recent years because of TV series Game of Thrones. The main strees Stradun and the walls of Dubrovnik, as well as the amount of people visiting them, are impressive to see. Dubrovnik is about 3,5-4 hours from Šestanovac. Zagreb is Croatia's capital town and it is 3,5 hours away from Šestanovac and it is very much worth to see. When traveling to Zagreb, the first stop is Plitvice Lakes and and when you arrive in Zagreb, coffe break is mandatory and then sighteseeing (St. Mark's Church, Croatian National Theatre, Museum of Broken Realtionships, ecc). When you are in Šestanovac, everything is pretty much near and you can see the best that Croatia has to offer (including Šestanovac, of course).

By Plane

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International airports

Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek, Brač and Mali Lošinj.
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