Olive oil is a symbol of a healthy, Mediterranean food and also of a superb gastronomic treat. If you try the true Dalmatian prosciutto, you will feel both the smell of the bora and the sea where it ripened in a way started by our ancestors many, many years ago. „Pašticada“ is a beef dish (Fricandeau) usually prepared in Dalmatia for large feasts and festivities. It is most often served with the domestic potato gnocchi. One can say that this is the crown of the Dalmatian cuisine. They say that there are as many “pašticada” recipes as there are Dalmatian women. Each cook has his or her secret ingredient. Whose recipe is the best? Do not burden yourself with that, just enjoy! Dishes under the bell presume a traditional food preparation in a shallow dish with a heated iron cover (bell). The food here is at the same time both baked and cooked, which provides it with a very particular flair. Meat, fish, octopus, squids etc. can be prepared under the bell together with potatoes. Somehow it has become common that the men are the experts for the preparation of this dish. One usually prepares and eats it in company (and for the company). Even though the preparation appears to be easy, this is a task for a true master. „Brujet“ is another typical Dalmatian dish. The basis for a good “brujet” is certainly fresh fish, several types of dark fish, if possible. In combination with polenta and a glass of domestic red wine, it makes a delicious and healthy food.