Guarding the Lord’s grave in the parish of Radobilja (Katuni Kreševo)

Guarding the Lord’s grave is the custom of guarding in front of the Lord’s grave, which is presumed to be over the age of 300. It is important to emphasize that this custom has never been interrupted, even during the war years.This is a deep religious feeling and commitment to preserve the body of Jesus in the period from laying into the grave to the resurrection. The Lord’s grave is kept guarded from Great Friday until Sunday. The right guard duty have all men over the age of 16 (or after receiving the Sacrament of the Sacred Confirmation) with residence in or outside the parish, if they originate from the Katun or Kreševo settlements. During the act of guarding, the Lord’s grave is never alone, and the guarding is carried out in shifts that last for 15 minutes. Two guards guard the tomb, except for the last shift, when there are 4 guards standing until the The Agony of the Christ is being sung.