About Šestanovac and life in the countryside

Šestanovac municipality takes up an area of ​​85 km2 where around 2000 inhabitants live with a density of about 34 inhabitants / km2. The area of ​​the municipality of Šestanovac covers the settlement of Šestanovac – the administrative center, and the villages Kreševo, Katuni, Žeževica and Grabovac.
It is geographically located in central Dalmatia (southern part of the Republic of Croatia) and is a part of the Split – Dalmatia County.
The relief of this area is characterized by a strip of fertile fields (karst valley) on the left bank of the river Cetina and a parallel cliff reef and plateau, and bordered by the Vitrenik hill in the north, on the hill Sidač in the east, the mountain of Biokovo in the southeast, the magnificent canyon of the Cetina river in the south and the mountain Kreševnica in the northwest.
Šestanovac municipality is only 5 km away from the sea and the Mediterranean climate is present. The summers are warm and dry, while winters are moderate and humid and if there is snow, it rarely stays on the ground.The nature and plant life of the entire area of Šestanovac between Biokovo, Cetina, Sidače and Vitrenika have always been of particular beauty and attractiveness. Clean air, untouched nature, lush vegetation and fauna are invaluable to the wealth of Šestanovac.


Things to explore when visiting Šestanovac