Complex Bolčić

In the village of Bolčići there is a housing estate, organized around the open courtyard, with distinctive characteristics of the economic difference of space. The “u” shaped floor plan consists of houses leaning against each other and connected to external communication.The assembly is made up of indigenous materials, walled by the local stone “modrac”, irregularly carved stone blocks of different dimensions, carefully connected by narrow bed joint reinforcements and composed in rows, and in the manner of construction the craftsmanship and architectural ability of the rural builders is visible. Due to the position of the constitution on the sloping ground, the exterior spaces of the assembly are particularly well-shaped, with stone fences, porch fences with drains, entrance stairs, niches and benches. The assembly represents a beautiful example of the original, well-preserved housing and economic structure. Location: Žeževica, village Bolčići Classification: profane architectural heritage Time of origin: 19th century Cultural good mark: Z-5979 Type: immobile cultural good – individually Legal status: protected cultural good