Mandušića tower

On the northern part of the village Mandušići in Katuni, on a slightly elevated terrain, there is Mandušići tower, a fortified tower house from the 15th century which served as a settlement for defense. The tower is constructed as a free-standing rectangular storey, measuring 6 × 5.53 × 5.50 m, oriented southwest. It was built rustically with a sloping stone slanted in rows. At the corners, it is reinforced with larger and better processed ashlars. You could access the floor through the stone porch through the small, arched door of the ashlars of the right form on the south facade. On the west facade there is a smaller arched doorway with ashlars through which you can enter the basement with a stone barrel vault. On the north and south side of the door on the inner side there is an antique exterior. Smaller rectangular windows are located on the east and west gables. In more places around the tower, there are smaller openings that served as loopholes. The tower originally had a double roof (today demolished) with a stone slab covering. In front of the tower on the west side there are ruinous remains of the auxiliary building. Location: Katuni, Mandušići Classification: profane architectural heritage Time of origin: 17th century Cultural good mark: Z-6772 Type: immobile cultural good – individually Legal status: protected cultural good