The chapel of St. John the Baptist

The chapel of St. John the Baptist is in the village of Vrdoljaci, southwest of the village Grabovac in the municipality of Šestanovac. Family stone single-nave chapel with a semicircular apse was in 1875 built by Ivan Vrdoljak who was the local priest. The main facade has a centrally located portal, above which is a six-pointed rosette with a decorated border and ends with a one-piece bell cote. The interior of the chapel is covered with a barrel vault, and the interior is dominated by a painted and relief-decorated wooden altar that is supposed to originate from the local workshop of the Rako family from Imotski, which made baroque wooden altars for the Imotski and Vrgorac border churches in the second half of the 19th century. Location: Grabovac Classification: sacral architectural heritage Time of origin: from the beginning of the 19th until the end of the 19th century Cultural good mark: Z-6760 Type: immobile cultural good – individually Legal status: protected cultural good