The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (The Nativity of Mary) with the cemetery

The Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the cemetary in Grabovac is located in Biokovo valley, along with the old Napoleon Road connecting Split with Vrgorac. It was built around 1722 as a smaller single-nave structure of the proper orientation with a square apse at the site of the medieval cemetery, which is confirmed by the great preserved tombstones built in the oldest part of the church. In 1862, a new large ship was upgraded, and in the 1970s a two-storey bell tower was built in front of the main facade and then the church got its present appearance. The interior of the church is covered with painted bronze vaulted ornamented mosaics. The main and right side altar are marble and the left side altar is wooden and probably made in the Rako family workshop. Location: Grabovac Classification: sacral architectural heritage Time of origin: from the 15th century until the 19th century Cultural good mark: Z-6692 Type: immobile cultural good – individually Legal status: protected cultural good