The parish church of St. George the Martyr

Church of St. George the Martyr in Žeževica is built on the Mount Orje, on a medieval site, dominating the landscape of space. The Archbishop Katić has mentioned it in 1739 in his visit, after which it has been redesigned on several occasions. The oldest part of today’s church is the central part of the ship. The single-nave building with a quadruple apse was built in 1754 and later the semicircular apse was built toward east. For the construction, the ashlar was assembled in regular rows. The original cover was not preserved, but the cover of the ribbed sheet was recently introduced. In front of the main entrance, a two-floor bell cote of a closed circuit was built in 1935 with a simple lodge and a pyramid-shaped finish. Around the church is a cemetery, surrounded with a stone fence with the main entrance to the west, led by stone stairs from the 19th century. Location: Žeževica Classification: sacral architectural heritage Time of origin: 18th century Cultural good mark: Z-5933 Type: immobile cultural good – individually Legal status: protected cultural good